Without a doubt Ky is the brains behind ButtonArcade. She has been creating buttons since 2001, and knows her way around a paper punch!

Rest assured that most of the button ideas you will see roll on to the floor here at ButtonArcade are her ideas. She isn't so picky about which of her ideas are good and which are not... so you will end up seeing all of them. Not sure if that is a good thing. ^_^





Mi... well he is the designer, more of a computer nerd if you ask him, but well... you didn't. More than likely he will be the one behind that next great design you may want for your band/business/etc. So rest assured the fame and fortune of your venture is in good hands.

Mi has a good deal of design experience behind him, both digital and analog/traditional, so your designs are bound to be handled with great care.


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